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News · 29 May 2024

Angela Rayner Cleared: No Police Action After Investigation into Living Arrangements

					Angela Rayner Cleared: No Police Action After Investigation into Living Arrangements Perbesar

Angela Rayner will not be facing any police action following an investigation into her previous living arrangements, as confirmed by Greater Manchester Police. The investigation was launched after a complaint from a senior Tory MP regarding the 2015 sale of Rayner’s former house in Stockport. Questions had been raised about potential tax obligations related to the sale and council tax payments. Rayner expressed relief at the outcome of the investigation and stated that she remains focused on her responsibilities amidst the upcoming election.

In response to the Conservatives’ decision to involve the police, Rayner criticised the move as a tactic to divert attention from their own shortcomings. Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer expressed his support for Rayner, who had pledged to step down if found guilty of any criminal offences, and stated that she has been “vindicated” by the investigation’s conclusion. However, the Conservatives argued that Rayner had not adequately addressed the questions posed to her and called for the publication of her personal tax advice.

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police clarified that the investigation had been thorough and determined that no further action would be taken, noting that issues related to personal tax and council tax fell outside of their jurisdiction. Stockport Council, which has the authority to investigate unpaid council tax, also confirmed that they would not be pursuing any further action after reviewing information provided by the police. Additionally, GMP shared details from their inquiry with HMRC, the UK’s tax authority.

HMRC, unable to comment on individual tax matters, reportedly concluded that Rayner did not owe tax on the sale of her house after conducting their own assessment at her request. Rayner had come under scrutiny for potentially failing to pay Capital Gains Tax on the profit from the sale of a council house she had purchased under the right-to-buy scheme in 2007. She sold the property in 2015 for a significant profit following her marriage in 2010.

Rayner initially defended her decision not to pay CGT on the grounds that the property was her primary residence. However, questions arose due to the fact that married couples are typically only allowed to designate one property as their main home for CGT purposes. The controversy prompted Conservative deputy chair James Daly to call for an investigation, leading to the subsequent police inquiry.

Despite initially opting not to pursue the matter in March, GMP reversed their decision following a reevaluation of information provided by Daly, just prior to England’s local elections. In addition to the tax-related issues, Rayner faced inquiries regarding her voter registration address, which must align with an individual’s actual residence. Allegations were made that Rayner had provided conflicting addresses when registering the births of her children in 2010, shortly after her marriage.

In response to the conclusion of the police investigation, Rayner welcomed the outcome and condemned the Conservatives for their actions. A Labour spokesperson reiterated Rayner’s compliance with tax laws, voter registration requirements, and council tax obligations, citing expert advice that supported her position. The spokesperson emphasised that Rayner had abided by legal and ethical standards throughout the process.

In light of Greater Manchester Police’s decision not to take further action, the Labour Party considers the matter resolved and closed. Rayner’s team maintains that she acted in accordance with the law and fulfilled all necessary obligations, underscoring her commitment to transparency and accountability. The professionalism and integrity demonstrated by Rayner throughout the investigation reflect her dedication to upholding ethical standards in public office.

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