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News · 24 May 2024

Federal Judge Orders Ex-Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby to Forfeit Condo

					Federal Judge Orders Ex-Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby to Forfeit Condo Perbesar

In a decisive ruling on Thursday, U.S. District Judge Lydia K. Griggsby mandated the forfeiture of former Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s Longboat Key condominium. The ruling follows prosecutors’ successful motion, asserting that Mosby acquired the property through fraudulent means, namely, making false statements on her mortgage loan application.

Judge Griggsby determined that a significant portion of the condo’s purchase was facilitated by the contentious $5,000 gift letter, for which Mosby was convicted. Consequently, she ruled that 10% of the condo’s current value should remain with Mosby, with the remaining portion being forfeited to the government.

Mosby’s acquisition of the Longboat Key condo in early 2021, valued at $476,000 during purchase and currently estimated at $886,084, has been the subject of intense legal scrutiny. Despite arguments from Mosby’s counsel regarding the disproportionality of the forfeiture compared to the gift letter’s value, Judge Griggsby emphasized the seriousness of Mosby’s offenses, especially given her position as a public official at the time.

Moreover, prosecutors sought to collect 90% of any rental income derived from the condo, further underscoring the extent of legal repercussions faced by Mosby.

While Mosby’s legal team intends to appeal the ruling, claiming that the gift letter was pivotal for expediting the mortgage process rather than being a decisive factor in obtaining the loan, prosecutors maintain that Mosby’s actions were central to the mortgage fraud. They contend that without the fraudulent acquisition, Mosby would not have gained possession of the condo or enjoyed its appreciated value.

This ruling marks another chapter in the legal saga surrounding Marilyn Mosby, who has faced successive convictions related to mortgage fraud and perjury. With a previous trial resulting in a perjury conviction and subsequent revelations of financial misrepresentations, the legal challenges for Mosby continue to mount, underscoring the gravity of her actions and their far-reaching consequences.

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